Paying for a higher education can be a costly proposition. In addition to paying today's steep tuition prices, you're going to have to invest in quality books. Once you're done with those books, though, they're of no use to you anymore. Instead of wasting that money, you could rent your textbooks — it will save you a lot of cash, and you'll be able to use them as needed to successfully complete your studies.

Depending on what you're going to be majoring in, you may have to take a very broad assortment of classes — This usually means a fairly high textbook bill! Whether you need a math textbook, chemistry textbook, or an economics textbook, you'll be able to save a considerable amount of money by renting them instead. Used textbooks can save you a little cash, but you'll save even more money by renting the books that you need.

On paper, buying a used textbook may seem like a wise financial decision. Unfortunately, though, you probably won't be able to sell it again when you're through with it. Your remaining options will be holding on to it — and finding room for it — or throwing it away. A much better option is to simply rent the books you need, then send them back at the end of the term. Compared with buying used textbooks, renting makes a whole lot of sense.

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  • Type the author, title or ISBN number into the search box above - make sure the edition matches.
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Having once been students ourselves, we know what you’re looking for. A low-priced book that’s still in good shape. That’s why we have cheap textbooks in the form of new textbooks and textbook rentals as well! Not only that, sometimes you might even get a new book as a surprise (we like to occasionally shock the students with a new textbook even though they ordered a used one. No price change, of course).

Looking to sell your used textbooks? BookRenter will gladly take them. Here’s how to sell used textbooks:

  • Head to our "sell textbooks" page. Make sure you’re logged in to your BookRenter account.
  • Type the ISBNs for the book(s) you’d like to sell in the search box (sorry, no author/titles this time, you need the exact ISBN).
  • If we’re buying the book, check out the great price! You can choose a check (we’ll mail it within two weeks) or store credit (earn 12% more) as payment options.
  • Print a packing slip and a shipping label when prompted - it’s just like returning your book rentals. Package up your books and take them to the nearest FedEx, Post Office or UPS location - shipping is free!