Science students will inevitably study Mathematics, and in doing so need to obtain Mathematics textbooks. But students of Mathematics often spend far too much money every semester purchasing Mathematics textbooks. Mathematics books can be very expensive when you buy new textbooks, while a rented textbook can be half the price or less. For example, a rental copy of either The Number Mysteries: A Mathematical Odyssey Through Everyday Life. Marcus Du Sautoy, Pure Maths (Collins Advanced Mathematics), or The Genius in My Basement can be 75% less than what you might pay in a college bookstore.

Textbook rentals are easy (and even cheaper than buying used textbooks! And there are a number of ways to find the rentals themselves. If you wanted to rent Mathematics in Action 1992 -Grade 2 -Pupil Edition, the best way would be to find the ISBN number (in this case, ISBN9780007309863) from your Mathematics class guide and search for it on Whether you’re studying Applied, Geometry & Topology, or any other subject within Mathematics, renting textbooks is the way to go.

Mathematics textbooks may be rented for only a fraction of the cost of purchase. Gently used books provide an alternative to buying new textbooks for full price, only to sell them at a loss at the end of the school year. Rather than having an expensive text wind up on a bookshelf or in the recycle bin, the canny student will seek to rent textbooks from a reputable bookseller and reduce his carbon footprint as well as save money.

Mathematics books do not change frequently. The information in used textbooks is as accurate as those in newer textbooks. Math students run little risk of being stuck with an outdated text when they have already committed to returning the rented book at the end of the semester. Although many texts are retained for reference, mathematics books do not retain the same reference value as other texts, provided the student has learned his lessons properly to begin with. Textbook rental is very green, ecologically conscious, as the same book may be used for several years without the need to produce new material.

The cost benefit when students rent textbooks can be enormous, especially if several books are rented over the course of the semester. Mathematics textbooks especially are not subject to rigorous wear and tear, and a gently used rented textbook provides all the same information as new textbooks, without the sharp drop in value at the end of the semester. When evaluated by the numbers, textbook rental just makes good sense.