April 23, 2009

BookRenter.com Makes Savings Real for Next Year's College Freshmen

Textbook Rental Subscriptions Offer More Flexibility With Education Budgets

San Jose, CA April 23, 2009 -- BookRenter.com, the first online textbook rental service, provides a more economical and convenient option for college students to acquire their textbooks. Thanks to textbook rentals available through BookRenter.com, the incoming class of 2013 is equipped to be one of the smartest graduating classes when it comes to saving money on textbooks.

After several years of growth, including recent 12 fold year-to-year growth for the first quarter, BookRenter.com remains ready to save students up to 75% off the retail price of textbooks, which equals a savings of at least $500 each school year. BookRenter.com offers five different rental periods, allowing students to choose the timeframe that best matches their school's class calendar. And since the rental period starts upon delivery, customers only pay for the time that they use. BookRenter.com also has live, high quality customer service to help any student who has a question about inventory or a placed order.

"We want to keep more cash in the pockets of students and their parents. Easing their concerns about rising college costs is part of what we do," said Colin Barceloux, CEO of BookRenter.com. "Judging from the growth in our customer list, folks recognize this effort. Our model is helping more and more new freshmen as well as back-to-school university students obtain their books in a more economical and less stressful way."

About BookRenter.com

Founded in 2006, BookRenter.com is the first online book rental service. BookRenter.com replaces traditional bookstore sales with online book rentals for students at schools throughout the nation. Flexible rental periods and a hassle free return process save customers up to 75% off retail price. These savings, along with a large title selection, five convenient rental periods, and free return shipping make BookRenter.com the best way to rent textbooks. Located in San Jose, California, BookRenter.com is a Santa Clara County certified green business.