July 14, 2008

BookRenter.com Awards 10,000th Registered User

San Jose, California July 14, 2008 -- BookRenter.com, a leading textbook rental company, announced today that it has reached a customer milestone of 10,000 users since launching its service in late 2007. The company rewarded the rental customer with a prize of free book rentals.

"This is a very significant achievement for our startup, and indicates our growing customer traction," said Colin Barceloux, founder and CEO of BookRenter.com. "Since we opened, we have provided students an online alternative to the costly campus book-buying experience. The short time it took to attain our 10,000th user is proof that we give our customers something they've wanted but never had before."

The 10,000th user, a graduate student at the Citadel College in Charleston, South Carolina has won one free year of book rentals from BookRenter.com.

BookRenter.com launched its website in August 2007. Book rentals are available for 30, 45, 60, 90, or 125 days, can always be extended, and the books are available for instant purchase at the end of the rental period. By renting textbooks online, students can cut their carbon imprint by reducing the U.S. book industry's demand for virgin fiber paper, which leads to 20 million trees being cut yearly. (Visit www.bookrenter.com/green for more information.)

About BookRenter.com

Founded in 2006, BookRenter.com is the first online book rental service. BookRenter.com replaces traditional bookstore sales with online book rentals for students at schools throughout the nation. Flexible rental periods and a hassle free return process save customers up to 75% off retail price. These savings, along with a large title selection, five convenient rental periods, and free return shipping spur the question Why Buy When You Can Rent?® Located in San Jose, California, BookRenter.com is a Santa Clara County certified green business.