January 9, 2006

BookRenter.com is Revolutionizing the Collegiate Textbook Market

BookRenter.com is a new startup created by recent college graduates to help students with the rising cost of college textbooks. Through an eCommerce rental model students can save over 65% on new and like new textbooks. After a successful launch in August, 2005 BookRenter.com is poised to continue to help students save big money on all their textbook needs. BookRenter.com is reinventing the traditional bookstore with a young, fresh, and inspired attitude to help make education more affordable.

Sunnyvale, Calif. January 9, 2006 -- After a successful launch in August 2005, BookRenter.com - an innovative and emerging company in the retail book industry - is gearing up for a strong quarter to coincide with the second term for the 2005-2006 school year. With positive feedback from customers, BookRenter.com is confident and excited to continue helping students and parents save more than 65 percent on all textbooks.

"Our mission is to make education more affordable for students," said Colin Barceloux, president of BookRenter.com. "By providing new or used textbooks, flexible rental periods, erasable highlighters, and a simple return process, students can rent books at lower costs without having to purchase them at extortionate prices."

According to the National Associate of College Stores, students spent an average of $870 on books in the 2004-2005 school year. In 2004, the average price of a new textbook was $52.36 and the average price of a used textbook was $40.01. "With only 16 percent of students reported buying textbooks online in the 2004-2005 school year, we believe the market has tremendous growth potential," Barceloux said. "As the price of textbooks continues to increase, students will not only resort to online purchasing for savings, but they will explore alternative options like renting books to help alleviate soaring book prices."

BookRenter.com is pleased to kick off 2006 by announcing the release of two new features to improve customer service. Customers now have the option to purchase their rented books automatically though the website - with the rental price going towards the final purchase price. Additionally, BookRenter.com now offers customers prepaid return mailers for convenient and expedited book rental returns.

"BookRenter.com is committed to keeping prices low and investing in research and development to deliver the best shopping experience to our customers," Barceloux confirmed. Through the application of online technologies and superior customer service, BookRenter.com is positioned as the optimal solution for every student's textbook needs. "Students are frequently unable to maximize their purchasing power in the textbook market and BookRenter.com is a company that will help students, not exploit them." Barceloux stated.

About BookRenter.com

BookRenter.com, based out of Northern California, is an innovative and emerging company in the retail book industry. The company's e-commerce solution provides inexpensive textbook solutions to students. By renting, instead of buying, students can save hundreds of dollars on books. With flexible rental terms and a hassle-free return process, customers can find the best solution to fit their individual needs. For more information, contact Media Relations at media@bookrenter.com.