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As you can see, BookRenter is making a splash, both in the technology industry and the textbook rental industry itself. This page is a link to BookRenter's press releases, but it also stands as an example of how relevant we're becoming in the realm of education.

Just by browsing the titles of these releases, you'll see that BookRenter doesn't necessarily confine itself to worrying about the bottom line. Sure, we're in the business of renting cheap college textbooks, but we're also concerned with promoting literacy and education with underpriviledge children. BookRenter Gives Back is the philanthropic arm of our company, and we hope one that is effective both at donating new textbooks to good causes and spreading the word about the problems of illiteracy.

So tell your friends you can rent new books, used books, discount books, or any kind of college textbooks from BookRenter. It's more than just a business.