Every year, thousands of university students across the world purchase brand new textbooks, including math textbooks, economic textbooks, and chemistry textbooks that quickly become outdated as new developments take place in their fields. For those students who care about the environment and want to help make the world a better place, this can add up to a disturbingly high number of books being recycled or even thrown away as they become irrelevant. Wouldn't it be great if there were a way to cut down on the number of textbooks in circulation, particularly if this meant more people sharing copies of the same books?

BookRenter.com offers students the ability to rent the textbooks they need for their classes while also cutting down on the need for each student to own their own copy of the book. By renting these books for important classes and assignments, students can obtain the information and knowledge they need without stretching their budgets, all while lessening the strain on the environment caused by hundreds and thousands of copies of books that are used for one semester, then abandoned to the stacks of the nation's college used bookstores.

Another benefit to renting textbooks is that instead of being stuck with used copies of books your can return it back with our fast shipping both ways offer!

Frequently students will want a new textbook, but can't afford the full-retail price. Luckily you can rent or purchase a new textbook with BookRenter (just make sure you see the "New" label/icon when you go to checkout with you title). You'll find that our price is much cheaper than the price at many other sellers! Here's how to find a new book:

  • Type your author, title, or ISBN into the search box above. Make sure you see the "New" icon when you select the book (by the big orange "Rent" button).
  • If we don't have the new edition, remember that we guarantee the quality of the book (check out the 5-star guarantee. If you're unsatisfied, we'll ship you a new one!

Remember, new textbooks will always be more expensive than used books. If the quality is guaranteed to be good, why not rent a used one? We're always available to accommodate you on our customer service page! We pride ourselves on our high level of service at BookRenter, and nothing makes us happier than turning a frustrated customer into a happy, loyal one. Order a textbook rental with BR today and save (money, kids, trees!)

Want to sell your new textbooks? BookRenter will take them:

  • Head over to our sell textbooks page. Type the ISBNs of the books you wish to sell into the search box (make sure you’re logged in to your BookRenter account).
  • Choose store credit or a check - we pay within two weeks!
  • As long as your textbook isn’t in terrible condition, we’ll take it for the price we offer. Guaranteed! Pack it up, print the labels, and off you go to any FedEx, Post Office or UPS location - shipping is free!