Outdoors & Nature students will inevitably study Ecosystems, and in doing so need to obtain Ecosystems textbooks. But students of Ecosystems often spend far too much money every semester purchasing Ecosystems textbooks. Ecosystems books can be very expensive when you buy new textbooks, while a rented textbook can be half the price or less. For example, a rental copy of either Alongshore, Coastal Offshore Ecosystems Interactions (Lecture Notes on Coastal and Estuarine Studies), or Biogeochemistry of a Subalpine Ecosystem: Loch Vale Watershed (Ecological Studies) can be 75% less than what you might pay in a college bookstore.

Textbook rentals are easy (and even cheaper than buying used textbooks! And there are a number of ways to find the rentals themselves. If you wanted to rent The Voyage of the Sanderling: An Atlantic Odyssey, the best way would be to find the ISBN number (in this case, ISBN9780300060171) from your Ecosystems class guide and search for it on Whether you’re studying Coral Reefs, Deserts, or any other subject within Ecosystems, renting textbooks is the way to go.