Save Money, Save Trees

At BookRenter, we pride ourselves on our sustainable business model. Our company protects the environment by recycling used books, as well as allowing customers to reuse (and therefore recycle) new textbooks. On average, a book is reused five times. By renting books, BookRenter decreases demand for virgin fiber paper. The US book industry uses this paper for books, at a cost of approximatley 20 million trees a year.

So on textbook rentals are not just a way to make money - it is a way to do your part for the environment. BookRenter is committed to being a green, sustainable business. Good business is green business!

By reducing the number of trees cut for books, you can also help reduce global warming - there are more trees to absorb carbon dioxide and there is less fuel being burned for cutting, transporting, and processing trees into paper.

In order for all parts of our business to be green, gets help from the businesses and organizations below:


Certified as a Green Business by Santa Clara County in California, implements internal practices that help curb pollution, conserve resources, and reduce waste.

Green_press has signed the Green Printing Initiative's Book Industry Treatise, a document which holds participants to the commitment of using paper responsibly in all areas of business.