Biographies & Memoirs

Gay & Lesbian students will inevitably study Biographies & Memoirs, and in doing so need to obtain Biographies & Memoirs textbooks. But students of Biographies & Memoirs often spend far too much money every semester purchasing Biographies & Memoirs textbooks. Biographies & Memoirs books can be very expensive when you buy new textbooks, while a rented textbook can be half the price or less. For example, a rental copy of either The Real Trial of Oscar Wilde, Gay Soul: Finding the Heart of Gay Spirit and Nature with Sixteen Writers, Healers, Teache, or Women Shaping Church History can be 75% less than what you might pay in a college bookstore.

Textbook rentals are easy (and even cheaper than buying used textbooks! And there are a number of ways to find the rentals themselves. If you wanted to rent Saint Foucault: Towards a Gay Hagiography, the best way would be to find the ISBN number (in this case, ISBN9780007158058) from your Biographies & Memoirs class guide and search for it on Whether you’re studying Gay, Lesbian, or any other subject within Biographies & Memoirs, renting textbooks is the way to go.