Marketing & Sales students will inevitably study Marketing, and in doing so need to obtain Marketing textbooks. But students of Marketing often spend far too much money every semester purchasing Marketing textbooks. Marketing books can be very expensive when you buy new textbooks, while a rented textbook can be half the price or less. For example, a rental copy of either Audel Promoting and Marketing Your Crafts, Marketing Practices and Principles, Student Edition, or Marketing Student Project Guide: Practices and Principles can be 75% less than what you might pay in a college bookstore.

Textbook rentals are easy (and even cheaper than buying used textbooks! And there are a number of ways to find the rentals themselves. If you wanted to rent Marketing Essentials, the best way would be to find the ISBN number (in this case, ISBN9780025377424) from your Marketing class guide and search for it on Whether you’re studying Direct, Global, or any other subject within Marketing, renting textbooks is the way to go.

Marketing has become a popular field of study. Many large businesses are creating marketing positions leaving many opportunities for college students. Those who are pursuing a marketing degree know how expensive textbooks can be.

A student can purchase marketing textbooks through their school's bookstore and with the right amount of research can even find websites for textbook rentals and purchasing used textbooks. There are many different types of marketing books that can be purchased depending on the specific field of study one is pursuing. Some of the most popular marketing textbooks focus on brand marketing, E-commerce and E-marketing, marketing ethics, marketing communications, entrepreneurship, marketing research, and principles of marketing.

One of the best ways to find marketing books either for personal or educational use is looking through online bookstores. To help save money start looking for used textbooks both at your school's bookstore and online. There are many websites that have online bookstores that cater specifically towards students and educators where they can buy textbooks that have been previously owned and used rather than spending over $100 on a brand new book that will only be used for a few months. Another cost effective way to go is looking for websites that provide textbook rentals. This has become an increasingly popular way to purchase textbooks without paying a lot of money.

Regardless of your financial situation saving money on textbooks is one of the most sought after pursuits of a college student. Any way that money can be saved helps a student and that money can be used towards other school supplies. Explore all of the options available before settling on purchasing a brand new textbook for your marketing classes.